Technological Sophistication Makes Online Gambling More Widespread – The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) said that online gambling activities are increasingly widespread in society. Online bookies use various modes amidst sophisticated technology.

Head of PPATK, Ivan Yustiavandana, explained that online gambling players are very skilled at eliminating traces through technological advances. A number of modes are being intensified to attract people to become players.

Sophisticated technology is used by perpetrators to develop their actions while keeping the results of online gambling away so they cannot be detected. No less than 25 online gambling cases have been submitted to law enforcement officials by PPATK from 2019 to 2022.

“They often change to new online gambling sites, move and change accounts. “Even combining the results of online gambling with a legitimate business,” explained Ivan in a written statement, Monday (22/8/2022).

To law enforcement officials, PPATK will continue to provide a number of financial intelligence information regarding the flow of funds.

“The indicated flow of funds is related to online gambling and simultaneous coordination,” he stressed.

From PPATK monitoring, the flow of funds indicated as online gambling is flowing to various countries in the Southeast Asia region such as Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. PPATK has coordinated with financial intelligence institutions in the country.

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