What is a Backlink? Understanding Backlinks, Functions, and How to Get Them

Understanding Backlinks

Backlinks are links from a domain or subdomain that lead to other web pages. Sometimes backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “incoming links”, which literally means “incoming links” because they are usually placed in content that receives or provides references to other similar websites.


Like a pillar, the use of backlinks is to strengthen the position of the website or content it refers to so that it can get a high and stable ranking in SERPs related to certain keywords.


For example, we have an article about how to optimize a website. So, to strengthen the position of this article on Google, there must be some other content or website that places a link to our article in its content, as we did in this paragraph.


Then backlinks are divided into 2 general categories, namely:


Internal Backlinks

Internal backlinks are links that connect two web pages on the same domain so that visitors can find further information about a topic or read other relevant content.


Internal links are intended to increase the duration of the audience’s visit to a domain, as well as increase the number of visits to certain content. Internal links can also reduce the bounce rate, which is a metric that shows that visitors don’t like reading content and immediately close it.


External Backlinks

External backlinks are links that lead to or are received from other domains. This link is needed if your website does not have content that can be linked to a particular topic, so you add resources from other websites.


External links not only help provide information to visitors, but also help other websites you refer to build their authority and relevance in search engines.


In addition, this type of backlink will slowly ‘flow’ more traffic to the external domain it refers to.


Benefits of Backlinks for Website Ranking on Google

In general, the function of backlinks is to evaluate the authority and relevance of a domain for certain products, services and topics. Of course this will be very profitable for those of you who manage websites to earn income.


If your website places and receives lots of backlinks from other websites, search engines will prioritize them to get a high ranking.


Yes, search engines like Google consider that websites or content that are frequently referred to via backlinks are credible and trustworthy sources, so they will appear more quickly on the first page of the SERP for related search terms.


If you get a high ranking, the website’s organic traffic and page authority (DA and PA values) on the internet will also increase, strengthening its reputation as the most suitable reference for a particular topic.


The advertising or marketing team can also start creating product sales campaigns, or work together to place sponsored advertising banners on websites that have achieved high positions in the SERPs.


So, with this principle, you must always remember that internal and external backlinks are quite crucial for your website. Apart from that, you also have to know how to get quality backlinks, not just quantity.


The Influence of Backlinks on Website SEO

There are lots of business opportunities that you can get if you are able to reach first position on Google. Of course, this is something that almost all website owners dream of.


A high position on Google indicates that your website or content has good quality and relevance so that other users reference it on their websites, or share it on social media by directing backlinks directly to your domain.


When people search for a certain topic on Google, your website will become one of the main references thanks to its suitability to the topic being searched for, and it can even be displayed as a recommended article.


If many people share and reference your content, it means they feel helped by it. So, this is where backlinks can have a big influence on SEO, namely as one of the determining factors for website ranking.


The number of backlinks coming to your website from other domains is an indicator that search engines see as proof of the website’s credibility. The more other domains that add backlinks to your website, the faster the ranking will rise to the top.

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